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Prenatal massage, pregnancy massage, mummy massage - what’s the point?

…whatever you want to call it, there is a very real point.

I say it time and again, massage is not just for people who have an injury or acute pain. Yet pregnant women often suffer in silence with the abundance of changes and pressures and yes sometimes pain, that their changing body is being put through.

There can be a feeling that it’s all just normal to experience these shifts, but why suffer in silence when a qualified massage therapist can soothe pain and discomfort and help you to have a full and active pregnancy?

4 Benefits of a prenatal massage

  • Support postural changes

Your pregnant body is adapting to accommodate your new little addition. This puts pressure on your neck, lower back, your pelvis, ankles - your whole weight distribution is shifting and your posture may need a little help to readjust, and ease away some of your pregnancy pains.

  • Improved circulation

With pregnancy you have increased blood in your body. Massage can improve your circulation, reduce swelling, especially common in the ankles and lower your blood pressure.

  • Staying active

You want to keep training and staying fit, keeping your body in good shape is paramount for the birth and recovery. The best way to do this, is to prepare your body during pregnancy with care and attention to ensure you don’t miss a step.

  • Aid relaxation and sleep

The numerous hormonal changes and enormity of your impending life change can, let’s face it, play havoc with your emotions. Depression and anxiety are often overlooked, but the experience is very real and may be overwhelming. Massage can help you feel relaxed, lower stress levels and the very simple power of touch can be soothing.

When can I have a prenatal massage?

At any time during your pregnancy as long as you are healthy and your health care provider approves. Certain therapists pertain that you should not massage during Trimester 1. This is not physiologically or medically true and merely to safeguard therapists encountering issues, as this is the most common time for a miscarriage to occur naturally. There is no evidence to suggest massage therapy can play any part in miscarriage. But do ensure your therapist is well trained.

Prenatal massage can be given right up until (and indeed during) labour.

Will I be comfortable during my massage?

Your therapist will make you comfortable and work in a way that is safe for you and your baby. Techniques are adjusted to suit your individual needs; perhaps, a lighter stroke, focus on certain areas, and even a gentle face massage can soothe tension headaches.

You will often be asked to lie on your side, supported with cushions. And the pressure will be adapted to suit you.

What is a Postnatal massage?

Isn’t it just a normal massage? Well in a word yes, but a good massage therapist will understand the experience of birth and postpartum symptoms and be able adapt the treatment. Some of the benefits of postnatal massage are;

  • Relief of neck and shoulder pain from uncomfortable breastfeeding positions

  • Help with extreme tiredness, and aches from different sleeping positions

  • Encourage relaxation which may be an aid in milk production

  • Alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression through conscientious touch

  • Reduce swelling and fluid retention

  • Pampering, because every new mum definitely deserves it

So don’t struggle on, when there is help available. Contact me to book your prenatal or postnatal massage. You might even nod off, just a little bit, but we won’t tell.

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