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Hello! I'm Lynsey and I am a certified and experienced copywriter. I'm on a mission to create beautifully written copy for businesses, that gets results.


With over 16 years experience in brand marketing - many of those heading up creative marketing teams in agencies and in house - I understand how to get your business and brand copy to perform for you.

Lynsey Keyes Performance is about just that - supercharging you on your professional or personal rocket ship.

I'm a ex-dancer, sort of CrossFitter, some time yogi and one time Spartan champion(!) with two full-on and fabulous kids. Always full of energy, I work with gusto and I love a challenge! So if you don’t know where to start, talk to me about your goals... 


And let’s make it happen!

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I've worked across hundreds of brands and can write copy for any - but I live and breathe fitness and wellness, this is my sweet spot.

So, I combine my experience of the corporate world with my love for making people feel better!

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2010 and I've

worked with professional sports men and women, international rugby and football teams, triathletes, Ironmen and women, dancers, runners, weightlifters, tired parents, pregnant women, top business executives, kids... And everyone else in between.

Hands on bodywork has the power to destress you, help you sleep, prevent injury and take away pain. And ultimately improve your performance.

If you're in Singapore and need some great bodywork, get in touch with me, I would love to help.

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